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Considering the Horse 2016, 19-21.08 South Poland
In this VII edition of colt starting challenge Considering the Horse our guest will be:Kate Mably- UK;Angelika Schneider-Italy,3* Instructor in Parelli Naturalhorsemanship (PNH);Thierry Dhaussy-France, race and sport horses trainer; Ireneusz Szlachta-Poland, colt starting trainer
dodano: 15.08.2016
JNBT School Representative in Australia
We found Australian horsemanship market as great one. There is a nice opportunity to refresh it with JNBT unique training program. Therefore we decided to have our permanent representative person in Victoria.
dodano: 08.01.2016
Discovering Australian Horsemanship
Great horses in training, nice welcoming, good riders, helpfull friends, good riding centers with great people, wondering number of horses like on thoroughbred penisula, same problems and solutions all over the world. We will be back with JNBT program soon! Thanks Australia!
dodano: 05.01.2016
Brumbies-Australian wild horses
To train Brumbies is a privilage. Great horses and this, even shutten from helicoopter, get a chance for second live. Freighten, a bit danger but step by step start to trust to human. JNBT program works same with polish wild horses as with brumbies or dressage warmblood or Arabian or whatever is a horse. They starving for surviving and trying to understand us as a human. Natural horsemanship training is one of the best answer.
dodano: 17.12.2015
SBS radio interwiev Andy Makacewicz for 1 hour in Melbourne
JNBT riding school open downunder natural horsemanship doors. SBS radio interwiev treiner, clinician and school founer Andy Makacewicz for over 1 hour. Riders and horses have same problem all over the world. JNBT training system, after succesfool journey in Europe will refresh horse training now in Melbourne, Adelaide and Byron Bay. Enquires are available on
dodano: 13.12.2015
Stables designed considering the horse
Jacek Kluszewski designs stables considering the horse. What would horses prefer?
dodano: 18.09.2015
Guy Robertson wins Considering the Horse 2016 challenge
3 amazing days full of emotion and inspirations! We invited to compete in VI-th edition of our unique on European scale colt starting competition 3 trainers: Mary Kitzmiller USA, Guy Robertson GB and Maciej Czinczol Poland. Great Britan with Guy Robertson won in wonderfull style.
dodano: 31.08.2015
Are we as humans really so unique?
Interesting poin of view presented by BBC Earth if humans are a unique species on the earth.
dodano: 06.08.2015
Considering the Horse 2015-Searching Harmony with Nature
VI th edition of Considering the Horse colt starting challenge will be considered to Harmony with Nature. You will meet beers saved on Kamtchatka, working dogs, eagles protecting airports, horses on duty and of course great trainers starting colts with natural horsemanship methods. Shows, lectures, presentation helpin understanding Nature World.
dodano: 09.07.2015
Habituation - easy, fun and making your horse safe
Horses are easy for desenzitation for any stimuli. It is easy, fun, building relation and safety. But only if you understand habituation process.
dodano: 06.05.2015
Ride your horse with your whole body, not just your arms and legs.
Jeżdżąc konno jeździj całym swoim ciałem, a nie tylko rękoma i nogami.

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