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How to choose a bit article in Horse Planet
How to choose a bit is one of the most important question what every rider should answer himself. A lot of information could be helpfull in serie of articles in Horse Planet magazine is written by Andrzej Makacewicz JNBT Academy master.
dodano: 08.12.2018
Marocco adventure for JNBT students
We had a great time riding 6-7 hours every day and watching beauty of Marocans ocean coast. Fun, education, riding on berber and arab horses, galloping on the wild beaches -unforgetable. Next target - wonders of SAHARA in Marcg 2019.
dodano: 08.12.2018
Phenomenon of imprinting
See film about imprinted Lemon Tree! How fascinating is to watch an imprinted foal grow!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Level 3 in Sanok
Level 3 training is focused on how to gain leadership for your horse and achieve lightness on the bit.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Relations first!
See JNBT Team 4* trainer Ola Najman and Hidi !
dodano: 25.10.2018
Level 6 tricks on the ranch
Level 6 is about how to teach your horse trikcs. All participating students had enjoy great trust and respect achived during trainings at levels 1, 2 and 3 and were ready for this level.
dodano: 25.10.2018
How to teach your horse trics! Trics are fun but you should have a good relations with your horse to start such a training.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Summer camp - adults
For a week riders joining our summer training camp had a hard trainings but also fun!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Considering the Horse 2018 clinics and lectures
On Considering the Horse event we present a lot of shows and presentations not only about the horses!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Considering the Horse 2018
Considering the Horse is a colt starting challenge. 3 days, 3 trainers on 3 roundpens compete with starting colts.
dodano: 25.10.2018
All my life I have looked for the good in horses and in people, and might find the good in the worst.
Całe życie szukałem dobra w koniach i ludziach, i zdarzało mi się znaleźć dobro w najgorszych

Tom Dorrance
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